Introducing iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S

11 Sep

Apple revealed its long-awaited (for me) upgraded version of iPhone 5 last night.

iPhone 5C is the “cheap” iPhone, which is an attempt to please the mid-price smartphone-buying public.

The C in “5C” really does stand for color. It has a polycarbonate plastic back that comes in lime green, light blue, white, pink, and lemon yellow. Inside, it has got the same guts as the iPhone 5.

The battery is said to be slightly better than the iPhone 5’s, and though it has the same 8-megapixel rear camera, it’s got a new HD front-facing FaceTime camera for video calls. iOS 7 can display wallpapers in the same color as the phone.


iPhone 5S as rumored, it’s a rehashed iPhone 5 with some new guts and some new powers.

The iPhone 5S is structurally very similar to the iPhone 5 is being sold in three colors: A white edition as before, a new “space grey” edition, and a gold-ish color that’s not being called “champagne.”


It’s powered by a new Apple A7 ARM chip, which the company says is the “first” and “only” 64-bit architecture smartphone CPU available. It is 40x faster than the original iPhone, and brings graphics powers that are 56x faster. The A7 is partnered with a new all-Apple chip called the M7, which is a “motion co-processor”…..bla…bla…bla….


The rear camera has the same number of pixels as the iPhone 5; it’s an 8-megapixel unit. But the sensor has bigger pixels for better image-making and has a new lens with a bigger F2.2 aperture for better performance in low-light.

It has a “true tone” flash that uses two colored LEDs to light the scene more realistically. The camera is capable of a 10 frames-per-second “burst mode” just like a DSLR, and can also shoot 120 frames-per-second movies which you can play back as slow-motion clips.

The iPhone 5S’s signature feature is a fingerprint sensor that’s built into the home button. It’s called “Touch ID” and it’s swift enough to unlock your phone with a quick touch–in any orientation–as well as letting you authenticate your ID in apps, such as when you want to make an iTunes purchase.



– End of my review –

Whaaaat…..??? That’s it? I’ve waited for one freaking year and that’s the best you can come out with? The hell…….! Apple is just SHIT without Steve Jobs! I miss u Stevie…..huhuhu :”(

The question is – is it worth upgrading? Based on what was revealed yesterday I’d say NO!. To spend two thousand plus, that’s normally the price of an unlock iPhone here in Malaysia, for just a mere three new features is really not worth it. Physically there’s not much different between 5 and 5S pun….. Frust giler aku beb!!!. But the new camera is quite tempting though 🙂

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