I Need Another Vacation!

01 Jul

Since I came back from our Sabah vacation, I kept thinking of going for another one. Thinking of going somewhere near, somewhere I’ve never been before.

Tempat yang crossed my mind ialah Pulau Redang. According to my friend and my ex fellow board of director in TBM Resources, YAM Tengku Baderulzaman AlMarhum Sultan Mahmud of Terengganu, it is one of the most beautiful island in East Cost. He should know better coz it’s in his state.

And today an old friend of mine, Saliza Salleh, posted her snorkeling pictures in Pulau Perhentian in FB. I envied her so much. She really enjoyed her life. She took up scuba diving, went for holidays everywhere up to Europe. She just came back from Umrah and went for another holiday. Being a banker, I wondered where she finds the time for all these.

Okay, now back to me. Aku betul2 rasa nak pergi vacation. Pening dan fed up pula rasanya kerja, kerja, kerja! Lagi pening bila fikir kerenah dan perangai pekerja.

Hmm….snorkeling. Bet my precious daughter would love the idea. She seems enjoying herself snorkeling at Manukan Island while we’re in Sabah. Bet its not that costly to go to one of the island in Terengganu.

If we wanna go, we’d better go in July. Sebelum puasa. Lepas raya dah Aug/Sep dah dekat permulaan musim tengkujuh. Lagi pun I have other plan masa tu.

Tapi bila in July ye? This weekend ada wedding. Dinner reception of Datuk Mazlin’s and Datin Liz’s son wedding. Last week of July da puasa, I think. So next weekend or week after that jer yang free.

Even it’s not school holiday, tak apa. My daughter can ponteng for 1 or 2 days. Form 1 still can consider honeymoon year….hehe.

Hopefully my wife and daughter agree. Anak takde masalah sangat kot tapi my wife….. Problem sikit untuk dia kalau it involve boat and sea. Dia mudah mabuk. Takut pulak sampai sana nanti tak boleh buat apa, kena jaga orang sakit. Jangan marah eh…..

Anyway, I’ll google for more info. Nak drive ke Terengganu pun aku rasa malas. Da berumur ni malas betul nak drive jauh2. Mmm……we’ll see.

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