Basic Photography-Self Learning

29 Jun

Daripada mula beli DSLR aku nak belajar lebih dalam tentang photography. Disebabkan kesuntukan masa, aku tak berpeluang langsung untuk mengikuti mana2 kelas photography, kecuali minggu lepas seperti yang aku post sebelum ni.

Semalam balik daripada dinner, aku luahkan pada isteri tersayang betapa aku teringin sangat mengikuti kursus secara formal. Isteri aku beri aku idea untuk belajar secara online melalui You Tube. Yup….why didnt I try that?

Sampai rumah aku terus search You Tube and download series of lessons from the 1st video I see. Not bad jugak explaination dia. Bermula dari basic tentang apperture, shutter speed, ISO, Lenses, flash dan lain2. Sampai pukul 6 pagi aku tengok. Mula tengok pun lambat. Selepas aku tengok DVD dalam pukul 3 pagi.

Let me share the links for those who’s interested to learn:

The tutorial is by the guy with nick name of PhotographersOnUTube. He even answers any question thru his facebook which also has brief tutorial there. And of course there’s his website with info on photography and equipments.

Of course I wont stop here. I’ll search for more tutorials. The more I learn the more I’ll master photography and my DSLR. If I have the time, I’ll attend formal courses. Wish me luck 🙂


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