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Back to blogging?

Been busy with my facebook and twitter for nearly 2 years, I’ve totally ignored my blogs. When I wanted to log in today, I totally forgot the username and password till I have to reset the password 3 times…

Thats the problem with us nowadays. Too many sites too many username and password we have to memorise. Ada site yang personal yang kita tak mau sentiasa logged in.

Been having this urge to start blogging again before I went to Sabah for our family vacation. I wanted to write my experience during the holiday and share it with people. So nampaknya I have to write and backdate the date.

Been a fan of writing and I wish I could write like other bloggers. The problem is I dont have the time to concentrate on writing not to mention writing skill. Yang paling berat aku ni hangat2 taik ayam!

Along the way of figuring this blog’s user, I found out that I have other blogs, around 5 with different username. Haha…what a joke.

So guess I’ll pen off for a while and hope my writing or should I say blogging mood will come again…..hehe. Bye for now.

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